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On-Page optimization factors that affects your website

February 26, 2013

Several on-page factors influence search engine ranking following are some important factors, you must keep in mind before going for search engine optimization-

On-Page Optimization Factors

 Title tag:

Title Tag

Title tag is another most important factor of on-page optimization. Title tag must contain your main keyword.

Format for title tag:

Primary Keyword-Secondary Keyword |Brand name



URL must show the hierarchy of information. This information helps search engines to determine the relevancy of web page. URL structure helps search engines in relevancy metrics.

Alt Tag:

Alt Tag

Search engines can’t crawl and index images used in websites. If you are using lot of images in your website search engines can’t understand it. The best solution for this problem is to use alternative text, Alt tags on your images.  Alt tag provides short description of images that are used on web page.

Content of website:

Content of your website can make or break your website position. If you are trying to write content what things you have to keep in mind is,


1)      Your content must be unique with good and fluent English.

2)      Content must satisfy the demand of visitor.

3)      It must be linkable-There is no difference between best and worst content if it is not linkable. It’s very difficult for search engines’ to rank a website which is not linkable to peoples

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