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Penguin Update: Most Important Google Search Algorithm Update

March 1, 2013

Google recently announced its algorithmic update named Penguin. Penguin update is targeted at webspam. Google launched this update in April 2012 to curb spamming and penalize web pages that violate Google’s guidelines.  After this Google’s update bad links to sites are removed so that website can regain ranking.

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Penguin Update 1.0:

Announced between 24-26 April 2012

1)      Control keyword stuffing

2)       Remove unnatural link building

3)      Content Spamming

Penguin Update 1.1:

Announced between 25-26 May 2012 and impacted 0.1% English searches

Penguin Update 1.2:

This update affected less than one-tenth of a percent of English-language queries.

Penguin Update 2:

Google’s Matt Cutts announced about this update and this was known as Data Refresh.

Penguin Update 3:

Announced on 5 October 2012.This update affected 0.3 % of English language queries

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