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Google Trends: Encompass the ability to show how often a search term entered

June 13, 2013
Google Trends

Google Trends

Google trends shows how frequently particular keyword or search term entered corresponding to the total search volume across various regions of the world.  It displays the relative search volumes from all countries that share a particular language. It also helps user to compare search volumes of two or more terms.  Hire SEO Expert and get best results on Google trends for your search term.

The horizontal axis in the Graph shows time and vertical line represents how often term is searched corresponding to total number of global searches for that term.  Keep in mind Google trends only shows results for search terms that receive a significant amount of traffic. Popularity of keyword or term gets influenced by countries, regions, cities and language.

Google trends also encompass the ability of showing news relevant to search term on its graph and also show how this news affect search popularity of particular search term. Initially Google not updated Google trends on regular basis but now Google claims that all the Google trends are get updating daily.


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