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Identify your business location but don’t create virtual location

July 16, 2013

Identifying business location is important but if you don’t have actual location for your business don’t create fake location it can harm your business, Hire SEO Expert from our organization and make your business more effective. If you are focusing business in foreign or national market also apart from Local areas, you should inform search engines about it. Identify your business information, your business area, country, region where you are focusing. Use top-level domains to identify which country you are focusing for example, .com, .com/de/. Content for your website should be in that language which is used in your business location or country. Choose country specific hosting and URL, mention your targeted market on Google webmaster. Work on links of your targeted country for link building, you can work on Local places if you are physical located to that country. Focus only on important cities don’t exceed cities more than 15 or 20.

Identify your business location

                   Identify your business location

Its little bit difficult to rank if you don’t have physical location at your business area, because Google not shows result for business that are not physically located in searched city you can’t use fake address for listing. Make sure that you are providing real address of our city, it will help you to rank better.  Don’t create fake virtual location it can give adverse effect but most of the time it’s hard to differentiate between real address and virtual address and sometimes it creates NAP issues, use of post box for creating virtual address is most common technique.


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