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Monitor visitor’s activity with Google analytics real time report

July 30, 2013

Hire SEO Expert and get work with new features of analytics. Real time helps to analyze and monitor visitor’s activity. Whenever any visitor come to your website it keeps track of that visitor. Real time keeps record of all visitors, pageview and update this record continuously.

Google Analytics: Real Time Report

Google Analytics: Real Time Report

It shows following visitor activity:

1) Number of people on your site on particular time

2) Geographic location of them

3) Page where they visited

4) Their traffic source

5) Pages they’re viewing.

Real time also helps to find how much time it takes to drive traffic to your site, ensure whether you get traffic in one day, which technique drives immediate traffic whether its social media effect or link building.  Geographic location of your visitors also mentioned, from which country and city visitors come, their traffic source for example users from mobile and more specifically whether from Android and iPhone phone or users of desktop machines. Real time feature not only keeps track of visitors but also reflects updates on your site, changes in website’s content, in the site’s structure.


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