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Hire SEO Expert and get easily located by search engines

Navigation optimization is effective way to bringing exposure to all pages of your website if you have deeper pages and large website. Creating proper and effective navigation requires extra effort and expertise Hire SEO Expert and gets benefits of navigation optimization.

Navigation Optimization

Navigation Optimization

Website navigation and its structure is most challenging thing is SEO it helps in accessing internal links of website by providing clear path. It helps search engines to locate your website’s pages easily.

Navigation optimization has benefits for both user and SEO perspective

1)      It makes website’s navigation easier for users

2)      Search engine can also navigate website easily

3)      Helps search engines to crawl all internal pages of your website

4)      Improve website’s ranking also

Before start navigation optimization thing about your main traffic on your main keyword and its hub value.  Navigation optimization hides complexity of website from both user and search engines by providing easier navigation, it is the actual motive of navigation optimization to make large websites as simple as possible.


Link analysis: Technique by which search engines can evaluate website’s reputation

With the help of link analysis search engine can determine how pages are related to each other. Search engine can determine several parameters through link analysis for example trusted and excellent web reputed websites link to other good reputed websites, as compare to linking with low page rank and spam my websites. To get backlinks from high quality and trusted websites it’s essential to get services from trusted and best SEO Expert who can provide you natural backlinks.

By link analysis search engine can evaluate this thing:

1)    Popularity of website

2)    Link analysis helps search engines to find which page is good and unadulterated for any topic.

3)    Quality and authority of page

Search engines use several attributes for analyzing and measuring website’s popularity and reputation. Having a few links from good quality site is more beneficial than thousands of links from websites whose reputation is not good on search engine. Its better if all links pointing to the same URL instead of variant of URL.

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Hire SEO Expert and acquire targeted audience with content marketing

Creating thousands of high quality links is too expensive and also take months or years to get bulk amout of high quality links. Content marketing is best and cheap solution for this.

Content marketing is slightly different from search engine optimization it focus on content according to visitor’s or reader’s perspective and if we are talking about SEO, it emphasis on search engine friendly content. Content marketing rely on social traffic. Content marketing never get affected by any algorithmic update while if you are working on search engine optimization you must take care of updates from search engines.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketer should never deceive their reader, here I am not talking that only high quality content can lead to more links and traffic. To produce links you must share it on social media sites.

Content marketing in one of the most effective way to SEO. If you are going for content marketing as my experience try to write content which can produce links and can convert visitor into customer.

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Rules to enhance your business and improve SEO

Enhance SEO Business

Enhance SEO Business

Remove repetitive and duplicate words from your websites’ content:

Remove duplicate content

Remove duplicate content

It’s always recommended for good SEO tactic to use unique content. Excessive use of keyword or use of duplicate content can penalize your website.

Don’t focuses on keywords with ranking perspective try to make it according search traffic:

Focus Traffic Generated Keywords

Focus Traffic Generated Keywords

I always observed that it’s better to work on keywords which results search traffic rather than focusing on keywords that leads good ranking faster but can’t generate traffic. For choosing right kind of keyword you can get idea from SEO Experts also.

Create an overview for your website -Use meta description tag on your website:

Use meta tag on website

Use meta tag on website

Write a meta description to give a rough idea to visitor about your website. One important thing to keep in mind when you are creating a description is to differentiate each page’s description uniquely.

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Penguin Update: Most Important Google Search Algorithm Update

Google recently announced its algorithmic update named Penguin. Penguin update is targeted at webspam. Google launched this update in April 2012 to curb spamming and penalize web pages that violate Google’s guidelines.  After this Google’s update bad links to sites are removed so that website can regain ranking.

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Penguin Update 1.0:

Announced between 24-26 April 2012

1)      Control keyword stuffing

2)       Remove unnatural link building

3)      Content Spamming

Penguin Update 1.1:

Announced between 25-26 May 2012 and impacted 0.1% English searches

Penguin Update 1.2:

This update affected less than one-tenth of a percent of English-language queries.

Penguin Update 2:

Google’s Matt Cutts announced about this update and this was known as Data Refresh.

Penguin Update 3:

Announced on 5 October 2012.This update affected 0.3 % of English language queries

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On-Page optimization factors that affects your website

Several on-page factors influence search engine ranking following are some important factors, you must keep in mind before going for search engine optimization-

On-Page Optimization Factors

 Title tag:

Title Tag

Title tag is another most important factor of on-page optimization. Title tag must contain your main keyword.

Format for title tag:

Primary Keyword-Secondary Keyword |Brand name



URL must show the hierarchy of information. This information helps search engines to determine the relevancy of web page. URL structure helps search engines in relevancy metrics.

Alt Tag:

Alt Tag

Search engines can’t crawl and index images used in websites. If you are using lot of images in your website search engines can’t understand it. The best solution for this problem is to use alternative text, Alt tags on your images.  Alt tag provides short description of images that are used on web page.

Content of website:

Content of your website can make or break your website position. If you are trying to write content what things you have to keep in mind is,


1)      Your content must be unique with good and fluent English.

2)      Content must satisfy the demand of visitor.

3)      It must be linkable-There is no difference between best and worst content if it is not linkable. It’s very difficult for search engines’ to rank a website which is not linkable to peoples

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