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Monitor visitor’s activity with Google analytics real time report

Hire SEO Expert and get work with new features of analytics. Real time helps to analyze and monitor visitor’s activity. Whenever any visitor come to your website it keeps track of that visitor. Real time keeps record of all visitors, pageview and update this record continuously.

Google Analytics: Real Time Report

Google Analytics: Real Time Report

It shows following visitor activity:

1) Number of people on your site on particular time

2) Geographic location of them

3) Page where they visited

4) Their traffic source

5) Pages they’re viewing.

Real time also helps to find how much time it takes to drive traffic to your site, ensure whether you get traffic in one day, which technique drives immediate traffic whether its social media effect or link building.  Geographic location of your visitors also mentioned, from which country and city visitors come, their traffic source for example users from mobile and more specifically whether from Android and iPhone phone or users of desktop machines. Real time feature not only keeps track of visitors but also reflects updates on your site, changes in website’s content, in the site’s structure.


Hire SEO Expert and switch your website to new Google analytics

Hire SEO Expert, get all new analytics update, and apply new analytics to your website. Several changes has occur in Google analytics, and these changes seems in user interface of analytics. Some modification and extra functions are added to analytics. Information architecture and navigation has changed now.  Home tab is also changed considerably, new home tab is totally different from old home tab. Some changes occurred in custom report also, name of custom report replaced with customization, content for custom report is still same.

Google Analytics

                             Google Analytics

Google analytics changed its tracking code, asynchronous JavaScript is used in code to improve accuracy and performance. If you want to switch from old analytics to new, you need to remove the tracking code of old analytics from your website. Update property ID, delete code from your markup also and insert new analytics on your website. Previously Google suggested placing the tracking code just before closing body tag and the new analytics suggest placing code before closing head tag.

Identify your business location but don’t create virtual location

Identifying business location is important but if you don’t have actual location for your business don’t create fake location it can harm your business, Hire SEO Expert from our organization and make your business more effective. If you are focusing business in foreign or national market also apart from Local areas, you should inform search engines about it. Identify your business information, your business area, country, region where you are focusing. Use top-level domains to identify which country you are focusing for example, .com, .com/de/. Content for your website should be in that language which is used in your business location or country. Choose country specific hosting and URL, mention your targeted market on Google webmaster. Work on links of your targeted country for link building, you can work on Local places if you are physical located to that country. Focus only on important cities don’t exceed cities more than 15 or 20.

Identify your business location

                   Identify your business location

Its little bit difficult to rank if you don’t have physical location at your business area, because Google not shows result for business that are not physically located in searched city you can’t use fake address for listing. Make sure that you are providing real address of our city, it will help you to rank better.  Don’t create fake virtual location it can give adverse effect but most of the time it’s hard to differentiate between real address and virtual address and sometimes it creates NAP issues, use of post box for creating virtual address is most common technique.

Hire SEO Expert and encourage your customer to post positive reviews

Hire SEO Expert from our Dallas and Charlotte based company we can enhance revenue for your business by motivate your customer to post positive reviews. Posting review helps significantly in online purchase, it helps your customers in taking purchase decision. Customers always look for feedback and reviews posted on online journal websites. After a research and survey on reviews, it found that purchase decision by any customer is highly influenced by reviews and feedback on online services, it depends on the positive and negative reviews on website. Customers reviews can make or break your online business, positive reviews encourages more customers, on the other hand negative reviews deceives and distracts your visitors immediately.  Social media sites helps in posting reviews like Facebook and twitter.

Review PostingImage

                                        Review Posting

Yelp provides stars rating, as stars on website increases it encourages your visitors more. 80 percent of customers checks reviews before making purchase decision, you can get positive reviews by physically visiting and doing effective survey on your business location, Provide free services like Free Message or free, reliable and fast Wi-Fi services it will make your customer happy and they will also give positive feedback. To connect with more peoples attend events and meetups whenever it held on your or nearby your business location. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare are dominantly used for online business.

Hire SEO Expert and get effective SEO and Social media services

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are two main widely used techniques in digital market Hire SEO Expert from our Internet marketing company and enhance your digital market.  If both the SEO and Social media work together, it will give excellent result for your website. There are plugins available in wordpress and you can provide link on your wordpress blog to social media sites like Face book, Twitter and Google+.



Facebook’s OpenGraph also helps and make social media more effective, it evaluates several parameters for example what is the canonical URL of page that you have mentioned, name and title of website, content of website,  page information which type of information page contains. If someone will update your website, post anything on website it will reflect on your facebook, this is the new openGraph update.

Hire SEO Specialist and automate your real estate web development

<p align="justify">Real Estate Web Development</p>

               Real Estate Web Development

Hire SEO Specialist who not only provide services for IT and Development related websites but also enables effective SEO in the real estate field. Many real estate agents and brokers are now shifting from offline advertising to online advertising to achieve and prioritize their marketing objectives and for implementing this they are now looking for doing SEO. Choosing long tail keywords is a key for success and can reach you on first page of search engines.

Real estate web development is best way to make your SEO work for real estate easier. This also allows real estate web developers to build website with 100 pages at a time and each page shows particular property type with all information about that property for example country, region or city name and respective Zip code of city.

Real estate web development enables real estate web developers to reach on top position on Google for specific keywords and also reduce or make zero interaction with agent or broker.

Google Trends: Encompass the ability to show how often a search term entered

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google trends shows how frequently particular keyword or search term entered corresponding to the total search volume across various regions of the world.  It displays the relative search volumes from all countries that share a particular language. It also helps user to compare search volumes of two or more terms.  Hire SEO Expert and get best results on Google trends for your search term.

The horizontal axis in the Graph shows time and vertical line represents how often term is searched corresponding to total number of global searches for that term.  Keep in mind Google trends only shows results for search terms that receive a significant amount of traffic. Popularity of keyword or term gets influenced by countries, regions, cities and language.

Google trends also encompass the ability of showing news relevant to search term on its graph and also show how this news affect search popularity of particular search term. Initially Google not updated Google trends on regular basis but now Google claims that all the Google trends are get updating daily.